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VIDEO: Jerry Sandusky's Interview With Bob Costas

Jerry Sandusky denied being a pedophile Monday in his first interview since being arrested earlier this month. He did admit to showering with some of the young boys that he worked with over the years, which sometimes included physical "horseplay," but claims that it was always "without the intent of sexual contact."

The interview, which aired Monday evening on NBC's Rock Center, was conducted Bob Costas, who asked numerous direct questions about the allegations, including Joe Paterno's knowledge of the situation and Mike McQueary's testimony of seeing Sandusky raping a young boy in the showers of Penn State's athletic center.

Sandusky denied everything, though he did admit some remorse about putting himself in position for the allegations of sexual misconduct to be made.

"What are you willing to concede that you've done that was wrong and you wish you had not done it?" asked Costas.

"Well, in retrospect, I shouldn't have showered with those kids," said Sandusky.

You can read highlights (low points?) of Sandusky's answers, and you can watch the interview it in its entirety embedded below:

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