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Jerry Sandusky Investigation: Suspected Victim Total Rising, According To New York Times

On Nov. 8, FOX's Philadelphia affiliate reported the number of Jerry Sandusky's alleged victims had risen from the grand jury report's eight to something like 20. The New York Times now appears to have confirmed that report, saying, "close to 10 additional suspected victims have come forward to the authorities since the arrest." 

We'll hope they're talking about the same people, but this still goes to show how much worse this story is going to get before it dies down.

And it makes it that much more amazing that Sandusky has denied all charges on national television -- something like 20 people are lying, counting three witnesses? As Bob Costas noted in Monday night's interview, Sandusky must be the "unluckiest, most persecuted" man in the world for that to be true.

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