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Second Mile Camp Attendee To Anderson Cooper: 'His Hand Is On My Left Thigh'

CNN's Anderson Cooper is doing an hour-long program on Jerry Sandusky and Penn State, to air at noon on Tuesday. At one point in the show, he interviews Troy Craig, identified as a former Second Mile camp attendee for four years. Craig tells Cooper that Sandusky often made him uncomfortable, but that it occurred at too young an age to register as "sexual perversion."

A portion of Craig's interview:

Cooper: Troy you attended Sandusky's Second Mile camp from age 11 to 14. When you were alone with him riding in cars, was there ever any incident where he did something?

Troy Craig: Anytime riding in a vehicle with him. I can remember clearly the first time that I got into the car, in the passenger seat, we were alone in the car, I mean I'm there with him for two seconds before the doors closed and his hand is on my left thigh and it stays there, and stays there the entire car ride, and from my place to campus is about 25 to 30 minutes.

Cooper: What did you think at the time?

Troy Craig:  I certainly didn't make any connection between his hand on my leg and any kind of sexual perversion. That didn't strike me as something possible between a grown man and a child. I just knew it was uncomfortable, and for me mainly because it made my leg hot.  It would be 20 minutes into the car ride and I almost wanted to give him my other leg because it would just stay there and every once in a while it would squeeze, but it didn't move. It made me uncomfortable.

Expect a lot of stories like this to come out. It's not going to be easy to judge who's telling the truth, but I can't imagine what an adult would have to gain from making up a claim like this.

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