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Boise State Calls NCAA Penalties 'Excessive,' 'Abuse' In Appeal

The Boise St. Broncos have fired back at the NCAA two months after receiving some pretty heavy sanctions for some relatively ticky-tack violations < --- fair and balanced. In a 17-page appeal, the Broncos called the NCAA's rulings "excessive such that they constitute abuses of discretion in the situation presented by the case."

The NCAA Committee on Infractions will respond within 30 days of the document's Nov. 3 filing, after which Boise State will have 14 days to retort further.

The Broncos were hit with scholarship and practice time reductions for the next three years after stretching a few bucks worth of illegal benefits across a few dozen athletes. Those unimpressed with the NCAA contend this sort of thing wouldn't happen to a power school found guilty of the same charges, but there's no precedent on precedent mattering in this reality, so we'll never find out.

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