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Joe Amendola Offered Jerry Sandusky Interview To NBC On The Spot

Tuesday, Bob Costas revealed on the Dan Patrick Show that Joe Amendola, lawyer for former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, was supposed to be the subject of Monday night's interview. But before taping, Amendola offered a telephone interview with Sandusky to Costas instead. For some reason.

In addition to the answers that made it to the air, Costas said Sandusky insisted his "methods" helped many children. 

Amendola said in a separate interview that the alleged victim described in the 2002 allegation may be "telling a different story" than the one described in the grand jury report. But Amendola isn't certain that they've found the right person.

The lawyer's decision-making has produced one of the very, very few amusing episodes in this story, since it's hard to figure out what he had to gain by putting an already vilified Sandusky in front of the public via a breathy phone connection with a vet like Costas prepped to handle the surprise. It's not the first time Amendola has made an unconventional life choice, though. 

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