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VIDEO: Butch Davis Takes To YouTube Four Months Too Late

Hey, remember that North Carolina scandal? Me neither. But apparently, back in July, Tar Heels were eating each other, the coaching staff of the football team and the athletic department was cleaned out, culminating in former head coach Butch Davis' firing and athletic director Dick Baddour's resignation. All this over a coach being tied to NFL agents and allegations of cheating? Sheesh, tough crowd. July was weird, man.

Apparently, Davis hasn't let it go, because he took to the Interwebs Tuesday night to air his defense, saying, among other things, that he had no idea what was going on.

(via CoachDavis15)

Among other things, like saying he had "literally thousands" of correspondences wishing him support, Davis said, "Should I have known? I wish I had known. As the head coach, you want to know every single thing. ... But logically, you know you simply can't know everything."