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Gary Pinkel Arrested For DWI Wednesday Night, According To Report

Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel was arrested for drunk driving, according to a report.

Missouri Tigers football coach Gary Pinkel was arrested Wednesday night for driving while intoxicated, according to KOMU-TV,  NBC's mid-Missouri affiliate. There's not much to go on yet, but according to the reports, he was arrested by law enforcement in Boone County, the same county which Mizzou's campus calls home.

According to the report, Pinkel posted a $500 bond and has been released. He was pulled over while driving on "Keene Street near Broadway," and the report cites him as being cooperative.

Pinkel, 59, has coached at Mizzou since 2001, amassing an 82-54 record. This is his first offense. In fact, he's been known as a coach without an overwhelming personality, which makes it doubly surprising to see an incident like this reportedly occur. The popular joke, if you're interested in joking about this, is to praise Mizzou for already becoming more SEC.

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