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Gary Pinkel Arrested Near Henry Josey's Injury Treatment Facility

From the Kansas City Star's Mike DeArmond, a point that makes Missouri Tigers football coach Gary Pinkel's arrest sadder, though I'm not yet sure why: it happened near the Missouri Orthopedic Institute, where star running back Henry Josey is receiving treatment after surgery for his season-shattering injury.

As has been noted, Pinkel was almost a half-hour away from his home, and former Missouri students have pointed out there's not much going on in that part of Columbia late at night. It's possible he could've visited Josey at some point in the evening. I, for one, would probably need a drink after seeing that shredded-up knee.

That's just speculation, but DeArmond's note ties together two very unfortunate moments from Missouri's year, both of which happened in the past week.

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