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LSU Women's Soccer Goalie Mo Isom Trying Out For Football Next Year

Nick Saban has already started filling out transfer paperwork after reading this Mo Isom interview at And The Valley Shook:

Are you still planning on trying out for the football team this spring as a kicker?

Absolutely. I've been training since January of this year!

I had it in my mind, and I approached some of the players I know, and they were so enthusiastic. And then I talked to some of the coaching staff, because of course I wanted to be in their good graces. I was expecting to see some resistance but all the doors were open to me, and everybody has been so excited, which is so great.

I started working out with the team some this summer, which wound up helping as some cross-training for soccer, and I kept working on my kicking in my spare time. Then this fall I went through the walk-on tryouts, just to kind of see what it was like, and I kicked a 51-yarder.

Obviously I was going to finish up in soccer, but I will be back to try out again this spring.