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Gary Pinkel Arrested, Won't Coach Missouri Vs. Texas Tech, According To Report

The Missouri Tigers haven't yet announced the fate of football coach Gary Pinkel, who was arrested Wednesday night in Columbia for driving while intoxicated and bonded out for $500. But Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune reports Pinkel won't coach Mizzou against the Texas Tech Red Raiders this Saturday.

Matter also has the likely replacement arrangement:

If Pinkel does not coach Saturday, defensive coordinator Dave Steckel or offensive coordinator David Yost would likely take over the head-coaching duties, probably Steckel, who coaches from the field while Yost works from the coaches' booth.    

If Pinkel is hit with the same two-game suspension that a pair of Tigers players received earlier in the year for the same offense, he'll also miss the contest against the Kansas Jayhawks on Nov. 26. Due to SEC realignment, that could be the last time MU and KU play for a long time, so Pinkel could've already coached his last-ever game against Mizzou's oldest rival.

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