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Gary Pinkel Arrested: Missouri Coach Pleads Guilty To DWI Misdemeanor

Missouri Tigers football coach Gary Pinkel has been suspended for one week without pay, and will have to forego his annual raise, meaning his Wednesday night DWI arrest will cost him more than a quarter of a million dollars. He'll also have to do 50 hours of community service. And that's just the punishment handed down by the Mizzou.

Adding on, here are the legal ramifications of Pinkel's mistake:

Dave Matter@Dave_Matter Gary Pinkel has pleaded guilty to Class B misdemeanor for DWI, handed 30-day suspended sentence, will serve two years unsupervised probation    

Tallied up, that's quite an arrangement of unpleasantries, but it's impressive to note just how far beyond the law Mizzou went in addressing the situation. Some have complained that Pinkel will miss one game, as opposed to the two missed by a pair of his players for the same crime, but MORE THAN A QUARTER-MILLION DOLLARS, we say.

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