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VIDEO: Gary Pinkel's Failed Sobriety Test During DWI Arrest

The Boone Country Sheriff Department has released the video footage of Gary Pinkel's failed sobriety test to the Columbia Daily Tribune, and the results aren't particularly pretty. Pinkel was fully cooperative with the officer throughout the test, but failed to recite the alphabet from the letter E to the letter R, and refused to count backwards from 73 to 62, saying "I can't do that normally, are you kidding me?" 

Via columbiatribunenews

According to the police report, officers first observed Pinkel's Chevy Navigator going 30 mph north on Highway 63 on Wednesday night. He was pulled over after he sped up to 65 mph and failed to signal for a lane change while exiting the highway. When police approached Pinkel, they noticed that his eyes were watery and bloodshot, and there was a smell of alcohol on his breath. After being handcuffed and placed in the back of the police car, Pinkel seemed aware of the ramifications of his arrest:

"I'm not a scumbag. ... You have to do what you're doing. I respect that. My whole world will change. It's my responsibility. I understand that."    

Pinkel has been suspended for this week's game against Texas Tech without pay, and has had his salary frozen for the year. He pleaded guilty to DWI charges Thursday, resulting in a 30-day suspended jail sentence and two years probation. The results of his blood-alcohol level test will not likely be released now that the case has been closed.

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