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VIDEO: Lee Corso Curses On College GameDay, Everything Is Wonderful

Yes, you did hear what you thought you heard at the end of College GameDay. Esteemed game picker Lee Corso gave up on trying to rile up the Houston Cougars crowd, discarding his SMU Mustangs horn and loosing an "Ah, f--- it." Chris Fowler said, "Glad there's a delay," directing Kirk Herbstreit to "wash that mouth out," but ... yeah, there wasn't a delay. Even Carl Lewis was delighted!

Here's the very important video [Update: Later, Corso apologized on air, though we're not sure why a man would apologize for making millions of people so happy]:

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This weekend's college football schedule was supposed to be a dry spell, but we've already seen the No. 2 team fall and the most anticipated portion of the biggest pregame show get livened up with a little colorful language. Either Corso has decided to walk away from it all and just follow Herbstreit onto the Ohio State coaching staff (hey look, we just started a rumor!), or he's reached that blessed point where he simply does not care.

Either of those would be fine as long as he remains with us always. A dismal Saturday is already looking up.