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Harvard Vs. Yale Halftime Score: Crimson Up 24-7 In New Haven Behind Kicker

Harvard and Yale are renewing their long-running Ivy League rivalry in New Haven this Saturday, and an Ivy League title is on the line fore the Crimson. The team from Cambridge is playing like it, too, carrying a 24-7 lead into halftime.

Yale scored first, with quarterback and erstwhile Rhodes Scholar candidate Patrick Witt finding Jackson Ligouri for a touchdown in the first quarter. But Harvard responded with 24 straight points in the first half, starting with a touchdown run and a touchdown pass from quarterback Collier Winters.

Harvard also got a touchdown run from its kicker, David Mothander, who may be one of the few players in college football this year to have scored all seven points of a touchdown in 2011. Mothander also added a field goal, and leads all scorers with 12 points.

There's no word on if Harvard basketball coach Tommy Amaker will be recruiting him after this game just yet

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