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Oklahoma Vs. Baylor Final Score: Robert Griffin III Is The Best Football Player Ever

The Oklahoma Sooners and Baylor Bears will head to overtime, tied at 38 each, after Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops nearly tried to end it all in the final minute. Baylor had a chance to win it with 50 seconds remaining after a Sooners touchdown, put played for overtime. But OU started calling time outs, so the Bears obliged by advancing the ball to midfield with 28 seconds to go.

Kendall Wright grabbed a first down inside of Aaron Jones' field goal range, which proved unnecessary -- Robert Griffin III fired a 34-yard touchdown to Terrance Williams in the end zone, making it 45-38 with eight ticks to go. The Bears recovered a squibbed kickoff, and that was that.

Griffin finished with a school-record 478 yards passing, plus 86 on the ground. OU's title hopes are done, Bedlam is just another football game now, and everything is completely broken.

The nuttiness, other than Oklahoma's time out call:

With a 38-31 lead, Baylor had a chance to put the game away, but punted it back at the 3:31 mark. All that time allowed OU to keep feeding Roy Finch, who approached the 100-yard mark early in the drive. A strike from Landry Jones to Jaz Reynolds put the ball inside Baylor's 30, followed by another Reynolds catch.

A screen to Trey Franks earned a first down, but as the one-minute mark approached, the Sooners found themselves stuck with a third down in the red zone. Brennan Clay grabbed the ball in the flat for an easy conversion.

Alliterative bruiser Blake Bell took over for Jones, forcing a Baylor time out. The Belldozer powered for a touchdown, giving Stoops a decision. Send Bell up the middle again for the likely win, or kick and hold for overtime?

Stoops sent Bell right back out, in the same formation, to boot. Baylor called another time out after getting a look at the arrangement. Same quarterback, same set, and Oklahoma lineman Adam Shead jumped. OU was forced to kick.

This weekend was supposed to be the worst of the college football season. But do you realize that even before this game, almost half of the top seven lost? Hail Corso.

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