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VIDEO: LSU Starts Taking Knees With Five Minutes Left Vs. Ole Miss

How could the last game in a coaching series defined by clock management wonders not end with another? And what could top a clock miracle being conducted by a team up by seven touchdowns? Behold the majesty of the LSU Tigers having backup Zach Mettenberger just kill the clock over and over with a third of a quarter remaining against the Mississippi Rebels:

You can hear the Rebels crowd booing LSU's restraint and Rod Gilmore talking about how this is even more insulting than just punching it in for a touchdown. The reaction at the time from fans was similar -- this is more embarrassing than just running up the score.

Houston Nutt's last game against Les Miles, until Tennessee hires Nutt, of course, will be remembered for Miles' greatest act of misunderstood mercy.

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