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College Football Rankings: SEC Goes 1-2-3 In Week 13 USA Today Poll, Virginia Tech No. 4

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Want to be a high-ranking college football team this year? It turns out you needed to join the SEC West way back when. LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas lead the Week 13 USA Today coaches poll, and it's not exactly a small gap between the division and No. 4.

Virginia Tech is No. 4, elevated from No. 7 in last week's poll by a slew of upsets, but the Hokies are more than 100 points behind Arkansas, and regarded by very few as national championship contenders.

Stanford is No. 5, returning to the top five after surviving Cal and avoiding the losses that four top-eight teams sustained.

The first of the Week 12 losers in the Week 13 poll: Oklahoma State, which drops from No. 2 to No. 6 after being upset by Iowa State. Houston, Boise State, Oregon, and Michigan State round out the top 10.

Here's the full USA Today coaches poll top 25 for Week 13:


2 Alabama

3 Arkansas

4 Virginia Tech

5 Stanford

6 Oklahoma State

7 Houston

8 Boise State

9 Oregon

10 Michigan State

11 Oklahoma

12 Wisconsin

13 South Carolina

14 Georgia

15 Kansas State

16 Michigan

17 Clemson

18 TCU

19 Penn State

20 Baylor

21 Georgia Tech

22 Nebraska

23 West Virginia

24 Notre Dame

25 Virginia