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College Football Rankings: AP Poll Loves SEC West In Week 13, Too

What was true in the Week 13 USA Today coaches poll is even more so in the Week 13 AP Poll: the SEC West rules college football.

LSU is No. 1. Alabama is No. 2. Arkansas is No. 3. And the only reason a team might break that top three is because LSU and Arkansas play this week. It's dominance that is nearly unprecedented: only one other time in the history of the AP Poll has one conference had the top three teams.

Stanford and Oklahoma State round out the top five of the AP Poll, and the bottom half of the top 10 includes, in order, Virginia Tech, Boise State, Houston, Oregon, and USC.

That top 10 ranking is the highest USC's earned this season, and may be a harbinger of future success for Lane Kiffin's Trojans.

Here's the full AP Poll top 25 for Week 13:


2 Alabama

3 Arkansas

4 Stanford

5 Oklahoma State

6 Virginia Tech

7 Boise State

8 Houston

9 Oregon

10 USC

11 Michigan State

12 Oklahoma

13 Georgia

14 South Carolina

15 Wisconsin

16 Kansas State

17 Michigan

18 Clemson

19 TCU

20 Penn State

21 Baylor

22 Nebraska

23 Notre Dame

24 Virginia

25 Georgia Tech