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College Football Rankings: Harris Poll Completes SEC West's Clean Sweep In Week 13

The Week 13 Harris Interactive poll makes it a clean sweep for the SEC West: LSU is No. 1, Alabama is No. 2, and Arkansas is No. 3. The rest of the country is left to hope the trio atop the SEC slips up.

Stanford and Virginia Tech fill out the top five. Oklahoma State, Houston, Boise State, Oregon, and Oklahoma complete the top 10.

Clemson falls from No. 8 to No. 17 after losing one of the 2011 college football season's more shocking no-shows against North Carolina State, and Virginia creeps into the top 25 at No. 25 after pulling an upset at Florida State.

Here's the full Harris Poll top 25 for Week 13:


2 Alabama

3 Arkansas

4 Stanford

5 Virginia Tech

6 Oklahoma State

7 Houston

8 Boise State

9 Oregon

10 Oklahoma

11 Michigan State

12 Georgia

13 South Carolina

14 Wisconsin

15 Kansas State

16 Michigan

17 Clemson

18 Penn State

19 TCU

20 Baylor

21 Nebraska

22 Georgia Tech

23 Notre Dame

24 West Virginia

25 Virginia