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2011 Biletnikoff Finalists List: Ryan Broyles Earns Lifetime Achievement Nomination

Ryan Broyles, along with Justin Blackmon and Robert Woods, has been nominated as a finalist for the 2011 Biletnikoff Award.

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Oklahoma Sooners all-timer Ryan Broyles was lost for the season due to injury earlier in the year, ending his legendary career. He'll be remembered around Norman forever, as he should be. But why put him on the finalists list for the Biletnikoff Award, which aims to honor the 2011 season's best wide receiver?

Broyles, along with Justin Blackmon of the Oklahoma St. Cowboys and Robert Woods of the USC Trojans, is up for the award, which will be handed out on Dec. 8.

This isn't to belittle Broyles' career achievements by any means. The injury cut short a fine season, too. He still ranks second in the country in yardage per game (128.6), but he's already fallen to No. 12 on the national receiving yardage list (1,157) with at least two games to go for the rest of the country. But only one more game for Woods, who can't go to a bowl game. Woods ranks No. 10, with 1,179 yards.

Blackmon has 1,241 yards, making him the only player in the top 20 with a reasonable chance to play for the national title. He also won last year, and will likely become the first two-time winner since Michael Crabtree.

Snubs include Baylor's Kendall Wright (1,281 yards), Houston's Patrick Edwards (1,315), and Iowa's Marvin McNutt (1,240).