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Urban Meyer To Ohio State After Michigan Game, According To Report

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Last week, word somehow circulated that was reporting Urban Meyer had agreed to become the next Ohio St. Buckeyes coach. Nobody could actually find the report anywhere on Eleven Warriors did report it, however, with ESPN adding a few days later that Meyer had indeed been in touch with the school. (ESPN would know.)

Scout's Bill Greene is now, finally, reporting the news. Noteworthy, since Greene has been described by an Ohio State media associate as "a mother------ in the know."

Bill Greene@BillBankGreene Meyer and OSU reach deal. Formal announcement next week. Signs deal after Michigan. It's done.    

Other reports have had Meyer being announced at an Ohio State basketball game -- Clay Travis and Sports by Brooks mentioned the upcoming Duke game, which would indeed follow the football game against Michigan.

Meyer himself has thrice denied the reports, which may help explain why ESPN is keeping him in the studio this Saturday.

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