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Sam Brenner Injury: Utah Lineman Taken Off Field By Ambulance

Utah Utes offensive lineman Sam Brenner has sufered a neck injury during the third quarter of Utah's game against the Colorado Buffaloes and has been taken off the field by an ambulance.

Brenner reportedly has full movement and has been taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Brenner is a junior who missed time at the beginning of the season with an elbow injury as well.

The Utes have also lost RB Josh White to injury in the game and their offense has struggled all day. In spite of that, they scored their first touchdown of the day in the third quarter, a three-yard Tauni Vakapuna run.

Colorado leads Utah 10-7 with ten minutes remaining in the third quarter but the Utes are on the move to make this a game. All the more impressive given the injuries suffered on offense in this game.

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