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VIDEO: Bobby Petrino, Les Miles Exchange Salty Postgame Handshake

Bobby Petrino wasn't happy with Les Miles on Friday. After Petrino's Arkansas Razorbacks jumped out to a 14-0 lead, it was all LSU as the Tigers rolled to a 41-17 win. Miles never quite took his foot off the gas, continuing to throw up 21 late in the fourth quarter, and it clearly irked Petrino.

Throughout the fourth quarter, with the game well in hand, the CBS announcers continued to remind us about BCS style points. Just in case LSU loses in the SEC Championship Game, Miles wanted to make sure his team convincingly beat the No. 3 Razorbacks. So Miles kept pushing and Petrino keep getting madder, even gesturing to Miles from the sideline late in the fourth quarter.

Video of angry Petrino and the salty postgame handshake after the jump.

First there was this, which appeared to be Petrino pointing at Miles and saying something mean late in the game.

And then there was the handshake, which wasn't quite Harbaugh-Schwartz levels, but was still pretty cold.

Videos via Instntrply

For his part, Miles said he wasn't looking for style points. In an interview immediately following the game, the LSU head coach said, "We were just trying to figure out when to take a knee."