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Conference USA 2011 Championship Game: Southern Miss To Play Houston

The Southern Miss Golden Eagles prevailed on Saturday, earning their way into the Conference USA 2011 Championship Game with a win over Memphis in the Battle for the Bones. They dominated in their win over Memphis, scoring at least twice in each of the first three quarters, and four times in the second. In the end, Southern Miss would wind up with a 44-7 win.

Though the game started with two punts, Southern Miss opened up the scoring with a 41 yard touchdown pass from Austin Davis to Ryan Balentine five minutes into the quarter. Their next possession was also a score - a Danny Hrapmann 23 yard field goal.  The second quarter would see another field goal, a 49-yard touchdown pass to Tracy Lampley, an 18 yard touchdown rush from Davis, and a Deron Wilson interception return for a 35 yard touchdown.

Southern Miss would add a third field goal in the fourth, and Memphis actually put points on the board, when Jamal Woodyard fumbled the ball and Mitch Huelsing recovered it in the endzone. But it was far too little, far too late, and the Golden Eagles got the win, dropping Memphis to 2-10 on the season.

Southern Miss will next take on Houston in the Conference USA Championship Game.