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PHOTO: Tommy Trojan Wrapped In Duct Tape For Protection

Sure, the USC Trojans are ineligible for the postseason and possibly defeating the UCLA Bruins on Saturday night can't accomplish much, but that doesn't mean the Trojans can't have some fun leading up to the game. But they do want to be careful about what they do. Just take a look at what happened to Tommy Trojan on Saturday.


via @DuranLA

Look at all that duct tape. Someone must know that duct tape is the best invention ever and should be used for anything. In this instance, it appears that it is to protect Tommy Trojan from any rambunctious UCLA students who want to cause a bit of mischief.

When one puts a bear on the blade of a sword, that is provocation for UCLA to take umbrage against a laughable injustice. The Trojans should understand that if one lives by the sword, one can also die by the sword. Even the biggest sword can't provide enough protection against a clan of bears, right?