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Egg Bowl 2011 Score: Mississippi State Leads Ole Miss, To No One's Surprise

As the first quarter draws to a close on this year's edition of the Egg Bowl, it's Mississippi State that has staked itself to a lead -- an imposing enough one on the scoreboard, 14-0, but a more sizable 169-19 lead in total offense. The game is still a rivalry matchup, but the Bulldogs' lead against what is almost certainly the worst team in the SEC shouldn't really surprise anyone.

State's first score came on an 18-yard touchdown pass from Chris Relf to Vick Ballard; the other touchdown was a 36-yard run by LaDarius Perkins. Relf is 4-of-6 for 32 yards and a touchdown; the quarterback also has 51 yards on eight carries. Perkins' other run went for eight yards, giving him 44 overall, and Ballard has 42 yards on seven carries.

With a win, Mississippi State can still make it to a bowl game. As for Ole Miss -- well, many of their fans are probably just happy to put this season and head coach Houston Nutt behind them.

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