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Air Force Vs. Colorado State Halftime Score: Falcons Dominate In Second Quarter, Lead 31-7

Colorado State had a good lead in the first quarter against Air Force, but that quickly evaporated once the second quarter got underway. Garret Grayson completed a four yard touchdown to Byron Steele to give Colorado State the first quarter lead, and that was where things stopped going well for them. Right at the beginning of the second quarter, Tim Jefferson Jr. hit Zack Kauth for a 33 yard touchdown to tie the game. After forcing Colorado State to punt, Air Force came right back with the same onnection - Jefferson Jr. to Kauth - this time for 40 yards and a touchdown.

Another Colorado State punt, and another Air Force score on their following possession, this one a 22 yard field goal by Parker Herrington. Jefferson and Kauth hooked up after yet another Colorado State three and out, this one for 50 yards and a touchdown. Colorado State didn't even get a chance to have a three and out on their next drive, as Grayson fumbled after a 19 yard rush, and gave possession back to Air Force. 

Air Force would go on to score a 12-yard touchdown, this one on a rush from Cody Getz. Colorado State actually started driving the next time out, but Grayson was intercepted in the endzone for a touchback, and the half came to an end, with Air Force leading 31-7.

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