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Texas Tech Vs. Baylor Score: Robert Griffin III Has Bears Up, 17-7

The Baylor Bears don't appear to taking part in a post-Oklahoma victory swoon on Saturday. They lead the Texas Tech Red Raiders at the early in the second quarter, 17-7.

The Bears' first drive stalled at Tech's 11-yard line after quarterback Robert Griffin III and running back Terrance Ganaway were unable to make magic happen. Kicker Aaron Jones settled for a 28-yard field goal. However, Griffin came back on Baylor's next possession by finishing a 73-yard drive with a 33-yard touchdown strike to Kendall Wright.

Texas Tech scored on a Sawyer Vest five-yard run late in the first quarter, aided greatly by a 15-yard face mask penalty and a 19-yard personal foul on Baylor's Tevin Elliott. Yet Baylor had an answer for that just four seconds into the second quarter. Griffin ran the ball on third down for a four-yard touchdown and the 17-7 lead.

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