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Egg Bowl 2011 Halftime Score: Mississippi State Easily Beating Ole Miss, 21-0

The Mississippi St. Bulldogs enter halftime of the 2011 Egg Bowl in complete command of the game. The Bulldogs hold a 21-0 lead over their in-state rivals, the Ole Miss Rebels. Mississippi State quarterback Chris Relf has completed 7-of-10 passes for 70 yards, not eye-popping stats by any means, but two of them went for touchdown passes of 18 and 20 yards.

Wedged in between those two touchdown passes was LaDarius Perkins' 36-yard touchdown run. Perkins has 52 on three rush attempts, the same amount of yards Relf has on nine carries. Vick Ballard leads the team with 12 carries for 84 yards.

That has been one part of the Bulldogs' dominance over the Rebels. Ole Miss has just 65 total offensive yards to the Bulldogs' 252. The passing yards are 70-40 in favor of the Bulldogs, but with the way this game has gone so far the Bulldogs won't need to throw much in the second half.

The Bulldogs are just 30 minutes away from capturing the Golden Egg and bowl eligibility.

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