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Notre Dame Vs. Stanford Score: Andrew Luck Puts Cardinal Up, 7-0

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck has the Cardinal up, 7-0, over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish after the first quarter of play. Luck led the team to a seven-play, 58-yard scoring drive by completing five passes for 38 yards, including the three-yard strike into the end zone. Luck is 7-of-10 for 50 yards.

Notre Dame did have a bit of a scare on the team's first possession. Quarterback Tommy Rees was knocked out of the game after taking a hard hit on a 1st-and-20 play. Andrew Hendrix came in for the drive and was unable to do anything. Rees did return to the game on the next Notre Dame drive, but head coach Brian Kelly did use Hendrix on the drive. But on the team's third drive, Rees was back in there and throwing completions to Tyler Eifert and Michael Floyd. However, that drive didn't do much and Stanford took the ball at its own 40-yard line after Rees had a five-yard punt.

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