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Notre Dame Vs. Stanford Score: Irish Crack The Board With Andrew Hendrix TD Pass

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are giving it a go against the Stanford Cardinal in the second half of Saturday night's game, but it may be too little too late. The Irish have been able to score just one touchdown and are losing, 21-7, in the fourth quarter.

After the two teams each came up empty in their opening drives of the second half, the Irish broke on through to the other side with a touchdown drive led by Andrew Hendrix. Splitting time with Tommy Rees in the game, Hendrix started the drive at his own 23- yard line and progressed down the field by connecting on passing plays of 14 and 24 yards. Hendrix added his own 13-yard run to help get closer to the endzone. He closed out the drive with a six-yard pass to Michael Floyd.

Nearly a full quarter remains for the Irish to make a late comeback.

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