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College Football Rankings: LSU, Alabama Unanimous 1-2 In Week 14 AP Poll

The SEC rematch in the BCS National Championship Game seems all but unavoidable at this point. And the AP Poll for Week 14 suggests that even those voters who aren't part of the BCS formula are on board with the rematch: LSU and Alabama are the unanimous No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the Week 14 AP Poll.

The Tigers and Tide solidified their positioning with blowouts in Week 13, and they are on track for a rematch of LSU's 9-6 overtime win in January. Oklahoma State, Stanford, and Virginia Tech round out the top five.

After its loss to the LSU juggernaut, Arkansas falls to No. 6, staying ahead of unbeaten Houston. Oregon, Boise State, and USC all tie for ninth, while Michigan State is the first team outside the top 10 at No. 11, meaning the Big Ten's without a top-10 team.

Here's the full AP Poll top 25 for Week 14:


2 Alabama

3 Oklahoma State

4 Stanford

5 Virginia Tech

6 Arkansas

7 Houston

9 Oregon

9 Boise State


11 Michigan State

12 Georgia

13 Oklahoma

14 South Carolina

15 Wisconsin

16 Kansas State

17 Michigan

18 TCU

19 Baylor

20 Nebraska

21 Clemson

22 West Virginia

23 Penn State

24 Southern Miss

25 Florida State