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Big Ten Championship 2011, Wisconsin Vs. Michigan State: Badgers Not After Revenge

If the Wisconsin Badgers had stopped the Michigan State Spartans from completing a Hail Mary in their first meeting of the season, the Spartans probably wouldn't be here and Wisconsin might be in the national championship hunt. The Badgers were able to rebound from that loss to make the Big Ten Championship game and they have a chance to get their revenge on Saturday. However, according to Badgers coach Bret Bielema, via Wisconsin Badgers blog Bucky's 5th Quarter, that's not what the players are thinking about.

"I haven't really heard that out of my kids," Bielema said. "I get it why people say it but I don't really think that's existed. I think our kids want to play a game where they can play a four-quarter game, and hopefully have success."

That's about the most stereotypical pre-game coach speak you will ever hear in your life, but there's probably a bit of truth to it. A conference championship and a Rose Bowl berth should be enough motivation for the Badgers, without any need for getting revenge.   

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