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College Football Championship Games: SEC Clearly The Hottest Ticket

SB Nation's ticketing partner TiqIQ says the SEC championship game is more than twice as expensive to get in to as any of the other four major championship games.

In the world of college football, all championship games are not created equal. To understand just how much difference there is between them, look no further than the average ticket prices of the five biggest conference championship games (sorry, MAC fans!). According to data compiled by SB Nation's ticketing partner TiqIQ, the average price for available tickets is more than twice as much to see Georgia play LSU in the SEC Championship game than it is to see any of the others. (Buy tickets for any of the five games here.)

This should not necessarily come as a surprise, as SEC games are traditionally among the more expensive in college football. But this game is made an even hotter ticket by the fact that the game is being played at the Georgia Dome, which makes this a de facto home game for the Bulldogs. It also doesn't hurt that the other team is currently the No. 1 ranked team in the nation in both the BCS and AP polls. It also can't hurt that these two teams have not yet played each other this year.

As of this writing, there are just under 5,000 tickets available through various secondary market outlets for the SEC game with an average price of $353. The cheapest seats are still selling for about $117. 

The cheapest of the major conference championship games is the Pac-12, which will be playing their first-ever championship game this year. Despite the game being played at Autzen Stadium and featuring the hometown Oregon Ducks, the average price for tickets is still less than $100, with tickets as cheap as $17.