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Kirby Smart In Running For Ole Miss Head Coach, According To Report

Alabama Crimson Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart has been a common coaching candidate list member for some time now, at one point popularly presumed to be Mark Richt's successor at Georgia. He hasn't been mentioned all that often regarding the Mississippi Rebels job, so this report comes as a surprise:

The Cup@RedCupRebellion A source close to the Cup has informed us that Alabama DC Kirby Smart is to be hired as the OM head coach. Announcement later this week.    

Not sure what to make of the report, but Red Cup Rebellion does have a track record to look back on. The Sunday before Houston Nutt was fired, they reported Nutt was being told he wouldn't coach the Rebels beyond the Mississippi State game. The official announcement of Nutt's post-Egg Bowl exit came the next day.

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