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James Franklin Odds, Week 10: Who Will Vanderbilt's Coach Fight?

In Vanderbilt's past three games, head coach James Franklin has had a screaming match with Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, accidentally offended the entire military and watched an Arkansas player behead his punt returner for no good reason.

He's not a hothead, per se, but he is an intense man, and it's only a matter of time. The latest odds on which remaining opponent will be the first to taste a flying Dorearm smash off the top ropes:

Florida's Will Muschamp, 2/1: BOOM MOTHERFRANKLIN

Tennessee's Derek Dooley, 6/1: This game will almost certainly end with 14 Vols on medical carts, a fourth quarter overturning of a second quarter touchdown and an entire minute vanishing from the scoreboard. Like living near Yellowstone (AKA anywhere in North America), it's going to happen. The only question is when.

Wake Forest's Jim Grobe, 45/1: Should be a cordial postgame handshake between a pair of forced Thanksgiving rivals, unless Grobe's bank statement happens to fall out of his khakis. That's enough to send anybody over the edge.

Kentucky's Joker Phillips or interim coach, 100/1: At this point in the year, you can get better odds on John Calipari fighting Kevin Stallings.

Bowl Game Projection Specials!

Rutgers' Greg Schiano, 10/1: Big East desperation will make a man do just about anything.

Syracuse's Doug Marrone, 20/1: The Syracuse coach is a pretty sizable guy, with a far better reach than Grantham's. Franklin is a man who appreciates a worthy challenge.

USF's Skip Holtz, 50/1: Never fight a Holtz. You may win, but you'll walk away with a dozen secondary violations to self-report.

Virginia's Mike London, 1,000,000/1: Mike London may still wear his sidearm from his days as a Richmond City vice cop. Not even Jim Harbaugh himself would step to Mike London.