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VIDEO: Rich Rodriguez Enjoying West Virginia's Legal Troubles

Here's former West Virginia Mountaineers head coach Rich Rodriguez having a hearty chuckle at the latest legal activity in Morgantown:

Rodriguez, you'll recall, left WVU to take over the Michigan Wolverines, claiming West Virginia had failed to keep promises it had made to upgrade the program's facilities and recruiting powers. The Eers demanded Rodriguez pay his $4 million buy-out fee, since a contract's a contract.

Now we find WVU suing the Big East in order to break an agreement of its own, and this is all just too much humor for RichRod to bear.

Whether you see outright hypocrisy here or just bidness, it is sort of funny. But Rodriguez, who maintained about as good a reputation in Morgantown as a coach who chose to leave can, probably shouldn't head back to the Mountain State after this one.

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