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Tom O'Brien, Everett Withers And The Flagship Slapfight

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If there's one thing UNC and N.C. State fans can agree on, it's hating each other's basketball teams. The other is having football coaches who take shots at entire universities, instead of just football programs. Heels coach Everett Withers started us off:

"When you have as many schools in this state as we have, and recruiting base gets watered down a bit, I think the kids in this state need to know the flagship school in this state. They need to know it academically. If you look at our graduation rates, as opposed to our opponent's this week, graduation rates for athletics, for football, you'll see a difference. ... If you look at the educational environment here, I think you'll see a difference."    

Sure, UNC football was just busted for about every academic whoopsie you can conjure up, but a solid opener. True to his namesake, the Notorious T.O.B. busted back, because ain't no slugs gonna be wasted:

"At our school, number one, all classes have a syllabus. Our guys go to school, they are not given grades, and they graduate."

"It's a little tougher here, if you have to go to school and you are expected to have a syllabus and go to class. Our guys earn everything that they get here. Certainly all of our graduates earn everything that they get at this university."

"I'm just going to coach my football team and I'm not going to coach his but as far as the flagship, here was a guy who was on a football staff that ends up in Indianapolis, that if you take three things that you can't do in college football, you have an agent on your staff, you are paying players and you have academic fraud. That's a triple play as afar as the NCAA goes."

"I don't know what he has anything to talk about or they have anything to talk about. If that's what the people want in their flagship university in North Carolina then so be it."

North Carolina plays N.C. State at 12:30 pm ET on the ACC Network! Bring your syllabus!