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Kirby Smart, Ole Miss Rumors Not Off The Mark, According To Report

Tuesday night, Alabama Crimson Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart emerged as a surprise candidate for the Mississippi Rebels job, according to a spate of reports. Surprising because it's believed he could do better -- he's supposedly been next in line for the Georgia Bulldogs job.

Kicking things off, Red Cup Rebellion (the first site to get a link out regarding Houston Nutt's post-Egg Bowl firing, the day before it was announced) passed along the new rumor:

The Cup@RedCupRebellion A source close to the Cup has informed us that Alabama DC Kirby Smart is to be hired as the OM head coach. Announcement later this week.    

Skeptics were skeptical, since it came out of nowhere. A contrary report:

Chase Goodbread@ChaseGoodbread Don't believe, at this point, that rumored Glenn/Manning/Smart meeting happened today. Still working phones but beginning to doubt.    

Then, ESPN's Joe Schad confirmed the suggestion, to a degree:

Joe Schad@schadjoe Ole Miss is in fact very interested in Alabama DC Kirby Smart    

Being interested is much different than being about to hire, of course. And Schad doesn't imply that Smart is likewise interested. But it does appear there's at least something there, on the school's side.

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