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Texas Reportedly Replacing A&M With Texas Tech, Wounding Another All-Time Rivalry

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The Texas Longhorns, who aren't trying to bully anybody, have made it clear they'll just find something else to do on Thanksgiving instead of playing the Texas A&M Aggies, who are bound for the SEC. The Horns had hoped to land the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as an annual holiday rival, but appear to be settling on Lubbock as the next best thing:

Chip Brown@ChipBrownOB Sources tell Texas Tech will be the Texas #Longhorns' Thanksgiving opponent in 2012, replacing Texas A&M.

This means the latest round of conference realignment will have stalled, curbed or put in jeopardy three of the nation's four most-played Division I-A rivalries. Minnesota-Wisconsin has been played 120 times, but the following three -- Missouri-Kansas, Nebraska-Kansas and Texas-Texas A&M -- are all in trouble thanks to seat-switching.

Looking a little bit down the list, you'll spot Texas A&M-Baylor, Nebraska-Iowa State, Nebraska-Missouri, Missouri-Iowa State and Pittsburgh-West Virginia among games that have been played 100 times or more and might not play again for a while.

Hey, at least Baylor and TCU are reunited! And Cincinnati-Miami (Ohio) will finally get the national attention it deserves?

While nobody's crying about the dead Mizzou-Iowa State series, that's a whole lot of history to heave out the window in the name of money, prestige and a BCS system that's not going to be the same anyway after just two more seasons.