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ANIMATED: Nick Saban Is Angry, His Assistants Are Now Deaf

The head coaching matchup between Alabama and LSU is almost as fascinating as the matchup on the field. It's not necessarily because it's a chess match -- though it is; it's the personalities at play. On one side, there's aloof and lovable Les Miles, the man who eats grass and took a nose-dive heading onto the field on Saturday night. On the other ... well, there's Nick Saban.

Saban is wound a bit tighter than Miles. Where one coach wanders around looking like a little kid, the other holds a scowl and appears ready to explode at any moment. And in the first half, Saban sure did explode.



He's clearly yelling into the headset, but what is he yelling about? Is he angry there's no barbecue in the halftime spread? Did he want pepperoni on his pizza? Did someone just tell him Santa isn't real?

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