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VIDEO: Crying Alabama Fan Reminds One Of Something

As the Alabama Crimson Tide were seconds away from losing the Overtime of the Century to the LSU Tigers, CBS' cameras located a familiar sight. A young man affiliated with a SEC football program, weeping openly at the close of an important SEC game. Where have we seen this before?

It's been HILARIOUS for years that some other young man affiliated with some other SEC program was spotted crying late in a loss, so this one is probably just as funny, I guess. Can't seem to recall the original cryer's name at the moment. Sort of feel like he was seen weeping while his team was losing to Bama, actually. He might have even been a player. Definitely wasn't wearing a tie, which in SEC country almost certainly means he actually played in the game. Yeah, kind of think he played in a game, then was seen crying on the sidelines while losing.

Just saying. And if anybody can recall which fan base it was that enjoyed seeing their team cause that guy's tears a few years ago, I'd be happy to know.