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LSU Vs. Alabama Highlights 2011: Tigers Made Plays That Mattered Most

The Alabama Crimson Tide played well enough to beat the LSU Tigers Saturday night. From outgaining LSU by 56 yards to converting more third downs, the Tide held a slight edge all the way down the box score. But small advantages on offense and defense couldn't make up for LSU's single, massive edge: special teams.

Bama missed four field goals, though at least three of them were outside of Cade Foster's perceived range anyway. An injury to punt returner Marquis Maze prevented him from fielding one of Brad Wing's many devastating punts (feel totally fine calling Brad Wing "devastating"), turning it into a 73-yard table-turner. Wing pinned Bama deep in its own turf over and over -- four times inside their 20, twice inside their five. When yardage is scarce, field position becomes even more important.

There were other highlights, but for the most part, a game hyped beyond belief turned on routine plays. Does it make any sense that Les Miles' team is better than Nick Saban's at the boring stuff? 

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