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Missouri Will Join SEC East And Fully Share SEC Revenue, Mike Slive Confirms

This afternoon in Columbia, Missouri, SEC commissioner Mike Slive officially welcomed Missouri to the conference for the 2012 season. But, more importantly, he also confirmed that Missouri will join the SEC East and that the Tigers will enjoy full integration into the conference to include a share of revenue in 2012.

The former bit of news likely means that most of the SEC's football schedule for 2012 will continue with only minor alterations; Missouri would serve as an additional divisional foe for the East, and could possibly help the conference reduce the number of inter-division games for each team to two.

The revenue sharing, obviously, is more important. Missouri getting a full slice of the SEC pie from jump street indicates that the SEC likely thinks that it can add a great deal more TV revenue to its warchest with the additions of schools in the lucrative St. Louis and Texas markets.

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