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Jerry Sandusky Reportedly Operated Overnight Childrens Camp At Penn State Through 2009

Jerry Sandusky was charged with dozens of counts of child molestation on Friday, following a two-year grand jury investigation. Since the initial report was released, the attention has turned to who knew what, and how these alleged incidents could've been stopped sooner. According to the grand jury report, head coach Joe Paterno was told of an incident in a Penn State locker room shower involving Sandusky and a juvenile in 2002, but the allegations were cast aside when passed up the line to administrators at the school.

Despite concerns being raised in 2002, it appears Sandusky continued to operate an overnight camp for children at Penn State through 2009.


It's unclear if Sandusky was being paid by Penn State for overseeing the camp, which he operated via his Sandusky Associates company located in State College. But multiple schools in the Penn State system hosted and provided facilities for the program, touted Sandusky's Penn State affiliation, and featured other instructors from the Penn State family in an implicit endorsement of the camp.

A copy of a pamphlet advertising from the camp in 2009 can be found over at Deadspin.

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