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Penn State Investigation: Joe Paterno Not A 'Target,' Says Pennsylvania Attorney General

Pennsylvania attorney general Linda Kelly and police investigator Frank Noonan held a press conference Monday afternoon on the allegations against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, along with resigned Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz.

Both stated Joe Paterno is in no legal danger, but both appeared to agree with the many concerned that Paterno didn't call police in 2002 when the coach learned Sandusky had allegedly sexually assaulted a preteen in the football locker room's shower.

"I have never been involved with a case like this where police weren't called," Noonan said, "This is not a case about football or universities. It's about children having innocence stolen and lack of action being taken."

Noonan called for anyone with information to contact police.

Kelly cited the "inaction" of Curley and Schultz as likely allowing a predator to victimize more children. She also noted the statute of limitations for child abuse crimes lasts until the alleged victim reaches the age of 50. Kelly declined to say whether more charges could be raised against anyone tied to the case. She did say Paterno is not a "target at this point," and has been cooperative.

She also called for more leads, but refused to speculate on whether there might be more victims. Six of the grand jury presentment's eight have been identified, according to Kelly.

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