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Houston Nutt Fired: Ole Miss Confirms Exit, Pete Boone Stepping Down Too

As reported by SB Nation's Steven Godfrey, the Mississippi Rebels have announced football coach Houston Nutt will not remain as head coach beyond the 2011 season. Nutt will remain through the end of the year before stepping down. There's no word yet on his replacement, though Bruce Feldman has reported a committee of Archie Manning's will be in charge of the search.

Nutt commented on his impending exit:

My time at Ole Miss has been very special, and I've enjoyed working with a wonderful group of athletes and the Ole Miss community at large. Change is never easy, but I understand why it's necessary. My attention is on finishing out the 2011 season and winning this Saturday.

Athletic director Pete Boone announced he'll step down at some point within the next year, though the date for his resignation isn't quite as clear.

When Coach Nutt arrived four years ago, I said publicly he would be the last coach I would hire. I meant it. On several occasions over the past year, Chancellor Jones and I have discussed what would happen if a disappointing football season resulted in a coaching change, including whether a change would affect my timetable as athletics director. When I decided we need new leadership in the football program, I knew it was also the right time for new leadership in the athletics department."

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