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Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile Charity Commitment Cost Him Virginia Head Coaching Opportunity

Details about former Penn State defensive coordinator and alleged child molester Jerry Sandusky's past continue to take on new meaning with each discovery.

Take this 2011 article by Neil Rudel in the Beaver County Times that explains how Sandusky lost out on the Virginia Cavaliers head coaching job due to his dedication to the Second Mile charity. At the time, it makes Sandusky sound like a man who has his priorities in check and seems committed to the greater good.

Now we know better.

According to the article, Sandusky was considered a strong candidate for the job afer his first interview. However, interest cooled when the school realized he was too committed to the charity to give his full attention to the position. Sandusky's quotes from the time seem innocuous but take on a far more sinister tone based on what is alleged.

"I'm a very complex person...I couldn't deny the importance of Second Mile in my life...[To have coached at Virginia] would have been neat in a lot of ways...but I've got a lot going on here and that's OK."

The article ends with a bit of foretelling that Rudel couldn't have known would take on the meaning it does now.

"That's a shame for Jerry Sandusky but maybe that's the way it should be. The Second Mile is as much a part of his legacy as football."

Unfortunately, that's more true than Rudel could have realized.

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