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Notre Dame Attempts To Out-Ugly Maryland With New Helmets

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will take on the Maryland Terrapins this Saturday at FedExField . The Terrapins will likely bring with them their most dangerous extremely ugly uniform. To counteract this, the Irish have decided to try and beat the Terps at their own game by trotting out this football helmet:


The helmet redesign is part of the annual Shamrock Series, in which the Irish will showcase different uniform variations each year. Do keep an eye out for another new addition...Adidas gloves featuring a gold palm and shamrock logo. The rest of Notre Dame's uniform will be the same as what they wore against Army in Yankee Stadium last season (green jerseys).

Lest you think the noggin shamrock is completely new for the Golden Domers, there was a time when a clover helmet was status quo for ND.

If I'd had to think of a good reason why they discontinued the practice, it would have to be this monstrosity. What is that even supposed to be? It looks like wilted spinach.