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Jerry Sandusky Investigation: Number Of Alleged Victims Now Close To 20, According To Report

When Jerry Sandusky was indicted Saturday on 40 counts of sex abuse charges, there were eight victims listed in the grand jury presentment. In the days since, that number has reportedly doubled, according to Philadelphia's Fox 29:

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Fox 29 has learned the number of child-abuse in the Penn State sex-abuse scandal involving ex-coach Jerry Sandusky has more than doubled in the past day, and is closer to 20 victims. 

[...] On Monday, state officials publicized two phone numbers for past victims to call, and within a day, it seems investigators have new leads.

Also on Monday, Pennsylvania state attorney general Linda Kelly said the Sandusky case was consideried an on-going investigation and more charges could be coming.

The earliest allegations of incidents listed in the presentment occurred in 1994. According to the grand jury presentment, all of the victims first encountered Sandusky through The Second Mile, a non-profit that Sandusky started in 1977 that works with disadvantaged youth.

Given that the Attorney General already said that Sandusky used the non-profit to find potential victims, it shouldn't be surprising if potential victims from the 17-year span from 1977 to 1994 eventually step forward, as well as additional victims from 1994 to 2009, when the grand jury first started investigating Sandusky. 

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